Municipal Water & Wastewater

Municipalities and utilities depend on proper water and wastewater treatment. Not only does secure storage safeguard public health, it supports economic growth, addresses environmental concerns, and ensures compliance with strict regulations. Utilities need solutions they can trust. Southeastern Tank delivers:

  • Potable Water Tanks. The right storage solutions play a key role in delivering clean, safe drinking water to communities.
  • Wastewater Tanks. Runoff, stormwater, and other contaminated water stays safely contained.

When it comes to drinking water, every drop counts. While communities may take potable water for granted, its treatment and storage requires a complex infrastructure at a time when municipal budgets are only growing tighter. Southeastern Tank offers cost-effective, turnkey tank applications to help cities and towns keep the taps running.

We recommend the following potable water tank solutions:

  • Aquastore (distribution, clearwell, raw water, and storm water).
  • HydroTec TS (distribution, clearwell, raw water, and stormwater).
  • HydroTec CS (distribution, raw water, and stormwater).

Storage tanks must meet rigid environmental requirements – as well as the needs and budgets of municipalities. The industry’s top tanks can handle the job:

  • Aquastore (best product for most municipal wastewater, especially for open top applications).
  • HydroTec TS (cost effective storage for larger capacity tanks).
  • HydroTec CS (most economical storage option).

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