Tennessee is home base for Southeastern Tank. Located in Lebanon, we provide comprehensive industry-leading water and wastewater storage solutions. From design and construction to inspection and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.


Municipal New Tank Sales:

Middle Tennessee

Dustin Dowdy
Phone: 615-533-8760
Email: dustin@setank.com

East Tennessee

Dina Gouge
Phone: 865-599-9201
Email: dina@setank.com

Industrial New Tank Sales:

Marc Nichols
Phone: 615-653-0529
Email: marc@setank.com

Specialty Markets:

Repair Inspection & Parts

Chris Dowdy
Phone: 615-815-9615
Email: chris@setank.com

Water & Wastewater Quality Management

Jason McGee
Phone: 931-993-0881
Email: jason@setank.com

Landfill Leachate Storage

Shelly Farmer
Phone: 615-466-9181
Email: shelly@setank.com

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