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Aquafix studies the bacterial communities that benefit wastewater applications. The products they create play off the strengths and weakness of those communities. Their products and bacterial cultures are produced or fermented in-situ in their facility. The strains grown at Aquafix are selected for their ability to sustain themselves and work in harmony with wastewater biomass.

Each product is developed to solve the root cause of wastewater issues. They strongly believe in not just providing a Band-Aid© or cover-up, but taking out the source cause of each filament, foam, surfactant, hydrogen sulfide, settling, and ammonia issue. The key to success is nutrition. Aquafix provides the right nutrients and stimulants to give the bacteria the “tools” they need to degrade the specific problem agent. This is how they can truly tailor each product to each wastewater issue.

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Automated Delivery of Grease Eating Bacteria

Bug On A Rope is a unique bacterial block for lift station grease control.

The center of the Bug On A Rope is filled with instant impact pseudomonas bacteria that have a big impact in the first weeks. The biostimulants on the outside are rich in oxygen and key nutrients that ensure the grease-eating bacillus are released with maximum activity.

Hang Bug On A Rope under the incoming flow and it will slowly degrade, releasing the two powerful systems of bacteria into the lift station. These bacteria not only help consume grease, but also digest BOD and lower H2S in the collection system.

Biological Grease Control For Collection Systems

GreaseZilla is the fastest-acting grease control product for heavy grease and old hardened accumulations. It combines hydrophilic bacterial cultures with a fast-acting biocatalyst that quickly breaks up and digests grease in lift stations. It can also be used in kitchen drain lines and grease traps.

Unlike caustic or solvent based grease treatments, GreaseZilla will not result in a slug of grease being pushed down stream. The entirely biological action allows the grease to be irreversibly digested. And it is safe for the applicator as well as equipment.

The Newest Technology in Biological Sludge Reduction

Sludge Rx™ will turn 1 foot of nutrient-filled sludge into a few inches of bacterial biomass. Designed for all types of wastewater facilities, these tablets lower effluent TSS, ammonia, phosphate, and improves effluent pH.

Sludge Rx tablets contain The Diversiform Blend™: a synergistic blend of bacterial cultures and biostimulants that dramatically reduces sludge and nutrients in wastewater lagoons. The components of Sludge Rx stimulate bacterial growth in the sludge layer and degrade insoluble forms of BOD which results in lower effluent ammonia and phosphate. While the tablets degrade sludge, they go after the root causes of water quality issues that originate on the bottom.

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