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IXOM Watercare is improving water quality in thousands of reservoirs and water systems across the United States and the World with industry leading and trusted brands such as GridBee®, SolarBee®, ResidualHQ©, Water Selector™, PAMS, MIEX® and AerationPlus©.

We combine knowledge and experience from multiple water quality disciplines to every project we evaluate solving real-world problems for real-world people.

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GridBee® GS Series Tank Mixers

The Gridbee® GS Series is the industry-leading mixing solution for municipal drinking water distribution tanks across the United States. These veratile mixers provide a complete, floor to surface mix which can eliminate stratification while achieving consistent disinfectant contact and residuals throughout the water column. They can be deployed in any tank build (underground, ground storage, or elevated), any tank size, and can be deployed without draining or taking the tank out of service.

SolarBee® Mixers & Circulators

SolarBee® mixers take advantage of the way water forms thin horizontal layers in all reservoirs. Utilizing solar power and highly efficient motor / mixing drive systems, the SolarBee® pulls in water at the desired depth from all corners of the basin providing effective mixing to a predetermined depth. SolarBees are designed to operate 24 hours per day utilizing digital logic for power management, auto-reverse, and anti-jam features. They are a scalable solution for most applications where water quality improvement is desired—including wastewater treatment.

SolarBee® mixers can also be configured to operate completely on solar (SB Series), completely on grid electricity (GF Series) or a combination of both!.

GridBee® AP Series Air-Powered Mixers

Perfect for wastewater solutions, GridBee® AP Seres Air-Powered Mixers combine patented mixing and focused flow technology with a clog-free, air-powered pump. AP Series Mixers have no moving parts in the water offering years of maintenance-free operation even in high MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) applications.

Better yet, AP Series diffusers can be configured for minimized aeration (course bubble) or maximized aeration (fine bubble) while maintaining mixing effectiveness. This allows AP Series Mixers to be used anywhere in the plant from the anoxic basin to the aerated basin!

AP Series Mixers are also compact, lightweight, and easy to install by plant personnel and with a low purchase price. They have a fast payback in energy savings!

Use GridBee’s® AP500 in Wet Wells and Lift Stations.

The AP500 helps dissolve grease layer, minimizes pump inlet clogging from wipes and other materials, and reduces H2S odor and corrosion.

Use it in Industrial and Municipal Tanks too.

The AP500 mixes wastewater and most other industrial-use liquids in basins and reservoirs. The size and efficiency of this mixer makes it a great standby mixer to have on hand to add mixing fast when and where you need it.

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