Proudly Serving Louisiana for over a Decade

In the beginning…

Louisiana has a reputation to many who have never visited or spent any time there. We shared some of those assumptions until 2007, when Southeastern Tank officially ventured into the bayou. What we found was a place all its own, a place full of people that understand and embrace family, community and perhaps above all a love of enjoying a life and food that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our introduction to the Louisiana state of mind came at NRWA Rally in Washington DC in February of 2005. There Dustin Dowdy met LRWA Executive Director Pat Creduer and Board Members Dondi Troxler and Donald Nash, who seeing the impact of the Aquastore™ product and its Dealer Network, decided it was something Louisiana utilities needed as a departure from tanks that simply did not last. They understood the impact of what it would mean if water systems weren’t faced with having to replace tanks every 10-15 years by using a glass fused to steel tank that would last for 50+ years with very little maintenance.


Pictured: Alexandria, LA

Heeding these demands, Dustin and I exhibited at our first LRWA Conference in Alexandria, LA in July of 2007. We were warmly welcomed from LRWA staff, board members, utility personnel and engineers from across the state. I had been freshly hired to do something that hadn’t been done in years prior: promote Southeastern Tank, Aquastore™ tanks and the idea that a better tank made for better water. Fortunately, many in the state also shared this concept and we quickly became part of the Louisiana family and community.


Pictured: East Jena Water

Now 11 years and over 80 installations later, we have developed relationships that go beyond just tanks; we are part of a community, a family that goes from the bayou to the delta, from Tabasco to Duck Commander and everywhere in between.

And this is the story of how it all began.

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Pictured: Sabine Parish Water

How Aquastore Tanks Made Their Way to Mississippi

In the beginning…

In the mid-1980’s in Mississippi, bolted tanks had mainly been used the industrial and fire protection markets. One would be hard pressed to find an Aquastore™ tank anywhere in the state being used for potable water storage. While there were many factors that led to that changing, there is definitely one that impacted our history the most.


During the same time, Greg Gearhart (currently of WGK Inc.) was a young reserve officer with the Army Combat Engineers assigned to an engineering unit in Huntington, West Virginia. Another engineer took Greg to see a project he had designed that included an Aquastore™. Its modular design, expansion capabilities and glass fused to steel coating system made an enough of an impression that Greg made Aquastore™ the basis his design for a new ground storage tank for the Fannin Water Association in 1987 which to date has never been recoated or had any major repairs.

As we celebrate our 40th year in business, we are looking back at how it all began and in this case, how it began in Mississippi. As the authorized Aquastore™ dealer for Mississippi, Southeastern Tank has been fortunate to work with Greg on many projects and others which have led to nearly 100 installations statewide.

And here is the rest of the story…

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Pictured: Holly Springs


Pictured: Dorsey Water Association


Pictured: Copiah Water

Proudly Serving the Great State of Alabama

Our Commitment

Over the last 40 years, we’ve strived to deliver every project with the same high level of care and customer service. Our goal and commitment to our customers is to find the solution that best fits their needs. Like any construction company, you really want your projects to stand out.

Sometimes, that means making the project blend in.


For Daphne Utilities, the challenge was to put a million-gallon tank where no one wanted to see it. The available property was located in an established neighborhood and Danny Lyndall, then Assistant General Manager (now General Manager), was well aware of this fact. Lyndall understood that public relations is as important for a utility as providing clean water.


Through much discussion, the decision to design a 1 million gallon, expandable Aquastore™ tank as part of a Total Dynamic Storage system that avoided the use on an elevated tank. This tank can be expanded up to 1.5 million gallons without having to change the footprint simply by adding rings to the tank. Not only does an Aquastore ™ and Total Dynamic Storage system cost less than an elevated tank of similar, the glass fused to steel tank has one of the lowest life time maintenance schedules on the market. And just to make that much more appealing, the color of the tank was green.

The Total Dynamic Storage system utilizes variable speed drive pumps to provide optimum pressure with a ground storage tank. This optimizes water storage and flow, improves water quality with its quick tank turnover capabilities, and provides a low-maintenance solution without creating an unmanageable pressure zone that comes with an elevated tank.

Pictured: Daphne Utilities Total Dynamic Storage system

At Southeastern Tank, every job is important. Every customer is important, from the consultants, the utilities and ultimately, to the customers that it serves. It’s why we’ve got to enjoy 40 years in business.

If you’d like to learn more about how we got to where we are today, keep reading.

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Celebrating Over 30 Years in Georgia

In the beginning…

The year is 1987 and Georgia Rural Water is hosting its very first conference on Jekyll Island. Among the original six exhibitors was our founder and my father, Chuck Dowdy. Since that original exhibit hall set up in the lobby of old Holiday Inn, the conference, GRWA and Southeastern Tank have grown by leaps and bounds and we have never missed a single one. Although, we came real close one time.


Pictured: Sky Valley


Pictured: Dade County

There was the one time in 2002 that I forgot to register and showed up to discover we had no booth space. My dad, who had suffered some health setbacks, was on his way from Saint Simons to see me and the booth. I went to Jimmy Matthews in a panic, hoping that something, anything could be done. Calmly, Jimmy looked around, saw a gap in the corner and let me set up right in a space where there had been no space.


Pictured: Dustin & Chuck Dowdy at GRWA Booth

Dad and Jimmy’s 20 plus year old relationship saved my hide that day. In 2018, we celebrate our 40th year providing glass fused to structures with over 150 Aquastore™ tanks in Georgia alone. It goes without saying that our success has come not only through our commitment to quality and service but also our 31 years as an associate member of Georgia Rural Water. And helped me keep my job along the way.

And this is the story of how it all began.

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Celebrating 40 Years in Tennessee

In the beginning…

It goes without saying that Southeastern Tank would not be here today if it wasn’t for Tennessee utilities. From our first Aquastore installation for Marshall County Public Utilities Board in 1981 to our sixteen-tank footprint in Watts Bar Utility District, Tennessee is where we started, where we first gained acceptance and where we call home.


Pictured: Gladeville Utility District

Among our over 500 installations in the Volunteer state, we take considerable pride in getting to drink water from our own tanks from Gladeville Utility District which is located on the same road as our office in Wilson County. In 1991, we built a 500,00-gallon Aquastore™ clearwell when the original water treatment plant was built. When the plant was expanded in 2006, we helped with the addition by building a new 1.0 million-gallon clearwell and a 1.0 million gallon distribution tank.


Pictured: Posey Hill

Most recently, we replaced two welded tanks with duplicate 800,000 gallon tanks that services the Posey Hill and Rural Hill zones. Notably, these tanks supply water the home of our very own Dustin Dowdy.

So how did we get here? Funny you should ask.

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City of Opelousas: How Aquastore Tanks Help This Municipality Meet Customer Demand

Several years ago, a consulting engineer from the City of Opelousas, Louisiana attended an industry conference, where he happened to run into a representative from Southeastern Tank. As the two got to talking, the engineer mentioned the City’s potable water and fire protection elevated tank replacement project and our SET rep began asking questions. The rest, as they say, is history.

As with many projects we see, the engineer was using the default methodology with respect to pressure and hydraulics regarding tanks and municipal water management solutions:

“Our Only Option” – Or Is It?

Originally, the engineer had sought an elevated tank for the City. Ground storage is typically the most cost-effective strategy for potable water storage and delivery. However, pressure requirements, space constraints and other factors can sometimes lead engineers and others to believe ground storage isn’t an available option, limiting their searches to elevated tanks.

They were prepared to erect an elevated tank – which would have been their most expensive solution option both at installation and in long-term maintenance costs – simply because they didn’t have an expert to help them understand all of the options and considerations.

The Solution

Southeastern Tank‘s goal was to help this engineer, and the City of Opelousas, find the best possible solution for their new potable water and fire protection tank. These initial conversations were focused on asking questions about the city, their priorities, maintenance budgets, and physical space restrictions.

This impromptu strategy session at the conference led to Southeastern Tank conducting a formal lifecycle analysis between elevated storage tanks and Aquastore tanks; with Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel coming out the winner.

Solution Fast Facts:

  • Size: 741,877 Gallons
  • Material: Glass Fused To Steel, Aluminum Roof
  • Footprint: 59’ diameter x 38’ height
  • Timeline: 6 weeks
  • Budget: Tank, $400k, Entire TDS, $1.38m
  • Original Elevated Tank estimate, $2.0m

Expandable To Meet Future Needs

In the end, instead of installing a 750,000 gallon elevated tank, the City of Opelousas chose an Aquastore tank with a Total Dynamic Storage package that optimizes water flow and helps municipalities meet changing daily water system demands while providing constant pressure. The system is expandable and will grow as the City grows – making it the right solution today and tomorrow.

Low Maintenance = Lower Cost Of Ownership

Now, many buyers believe that all tanks have the same lifespan, and therefore opt for the tank with the cheapest upfront installation costs. Many of those tanks are cost-effective to install, but require a significant amount maintenance over the years and need to be replaced more often, increasing the total cost of ownership.

Because this tank is extremely low-maintenance and never needs to be repainted, the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the tank is greatly reduced. With a limited budget, the overall cost of this tank was actually a better match for the City of Opelousas than the less-expensive-to-install alternatives.


The City of Opelousas discovered what many municipalities and utilities discover: Aquastore tanks can outperform traditional elevated tank systems with the right strategic approach. These glass-fused-to-steel solutions can be installed faster than other types of tanks, have a lower total cost of ownership, and can be expanded if service demands increase. Their Total Dynamic Storage solution allows for optimized water storage and flow, faster tank turnover and better water quality overall, outperforming elevated systems.

Marshall County, Tennessee: 36 Years of Aquastore And Counting

Marshall County, Tennessee is an area that prides itself on Southern Charm. Founded in 1836, it is an area of people that value a sense of community. The charm of Marshall County and the fact that Tennessee does not tax retirement income, has attracted new residents to the region over the last several years, and the population is projected to grow steadily through 2030. Given the growth of the area and the age of the potable water system in Marshall County, officials needed a plan to handle increased demand and maintain costs.

The Challenges

The weather in the South is quite different than anywhere else in the country. The average relative humidity in Marshall County in mid-afternoon is 57% and rises to 84% by the dawn hours. The weather can change on a dime, and massive temperature swings, severe, fast-moving storms; and even hail can be extremely rough on water tanks.[1] Add to that the fact that The Marshall County Board of Public Utilities tank is located in a wooded area, and conditions are rife not only for storm damage, but for mold and mildew, as well.

The county required a high-capacity, high-performance tank that could withstand the forces of mother nature without requiring constant maintenance. Given the external conditions, concrete was not a logical solution due to its propensity for leaks and steel tanks corrode in such humid, moist conditions.

Marshall County is a growing area, and the ideal water storage solution would be able to expand as more people and businesses moved into the area, and to accommodate the Utility’s plan to expand service delivery to rural residents, as well.

The Solution

The Marshall County Board of Public Utilities clearly required tanks that can hold up well against the elements. Aquastore tanks were the ideal solution, as their patented glass-fused-to-steel process makes them airtight and extremely durable against the elements, resists mold and mildew, and requires little maintenance throughout the life of the tank.

The County worked with Southeastern Tank to install Aquastore solutions as they embarked on an ambitious plan to install nearly 70 miles of new lines, upgrade existing lines and update a pumping station. A new 300,000 elevated storage tank was installed, replacing a 20-year-old, 110,000 ground storage tank.

Aquastore tanks are also able to accommodate the County’s need for fast and streamlined installation. Glass-fused-to-steel tanks can be erected much more quickly than other types of tanks. They utilize a jacking system during construction, eliminating the need for scaffolding.

Once installed, the Aquastore tanks have a long lifespan, providing long-term savings and low lifetime ownership costs. They are low-maintenance and high-performance, never need repainting and should Marshall County require even more capacity, their existing tanks can be expanded vertically.


Overall, County officials estimate that over the last 25 years, the county has saved $100,000 on maintenance alone. The County did experience a rare leak in one of their tanks a few years ago. Southeastern stands behind their workmanship and the Aquastore products they sell, and they know that a small leak can spell big trouble down the line. Therefore, Southeastern Tank was willing and able to address the problem immediately, at no charge.

Since the early 1980s The Marshall County Board of Public Utilities has turned to Aquastore to help them service the needs of their residents. Today, Aquastore tanks provide the county with 555,619 gallons of capacity for over 31,000 residents. They currently operate three Aquastore tanks of various ages. One is 4 years old, the second is 16 years old and the third is 36 years old. Officials have reported they have a hard time telling them apart, since the oldest tank still retains is functionality and its appearance.